Thursday, June 14, 2012

Down the Slide

These feelings inside of me
I can't help but concede
They're driving me crazy
And my brain's gonna bleed

I'll follow you Alice
And feel the fall fast
Get lost in the pictures
Pictures of the past

And what's going on
What's really happening
Up is now down
I just wanna go dancing

And I could dance
With everyone in here
Did I get a chance
To get near you?

On the trip
I thought we were close
But as it fades
I'm feeling what's lost

And what I miss
It's not being given to
I'm seeing it now...
I just miss giving to

And when I see it
What I extended
I see that's what I longed for
And I'm still searchin'

So take me Alice
And show me the way
Show me the world
In a way where I won't know what words to say