Monday, September 30, 2013

A conversation

"Oh God, I feel like this is boring and I'm not saying anything the way I want..."
"What, are you kidding, don't stop, keep going! I'm totally getting off on this conversation!"
"I'm frustrated, I just wish guys would appreciate me for who I am and what I have to say, not what I look like."

The Cult's that Fight each other

There were fields of rolling hills and grass. Standing on the field was an enormous cone-shaped building, a giant tower.

In this tower, was an entire community. Most of the people lived and worked inside, not getting to see the outside world very often. Only the King, who sat atop the tower, could look out and see the rest of the world.

One day another tower was erected close to the Kings. So close that when the King went onto his balcony, he met the President, the man who was the leader of the other kingdom. The King and President talked about their kingdoms, but disagreed over everything. The 2 men had different ideas about their religion, politics and culture and were soon enemies. 

Rather than fight themselves, they each receded into their own Kingdom, gathering sympathy from their respective peasants and loyal subjects. The peasants in turn listened to their leaders and believed everything they heard. They were told another tower stood opposite theirs, and that the people in the other tower would threaten their own way of life. And that the only way to stop them was to kill them.

So both sides gathered up their youth, the children who knew the least about what was really going on, and had them fight each other. The King and the President sat atop their high towers as they watched the hundreds of thousands of children fight below.

These children had a lot in common. They went to school, they enjoyed coloring and believed in right over wrong. So when their parents told them that they had to fight to save their nation, they were only too eager to enter the battlefield, where they came face to face with strangers, other children that they did not know, but that they were ready to kill none-the-less

At the end of the war, the field between the 2 towers was covered in bodies and blood. And only after enough children had died, did one of the "Leaders" order a cease-fire. One culture swallowed the other whole. And even though the children had been told to hate the other, they were now one race with one culture, under 2 Towers but being ruled by one King.
Until another comes along...