Thursday, April 12, 2012

Musical Chairs

I was like a child playing musical chairs. 
The music stopped, I sat down and got completely lost in a daydream. 
And when the music started I just refused to get up and move.
I was like, "No, I'm not moving!"
I bitched and moaned.
And it's like, it's musical chairs. It's just musical chairs. 
Life is just musical chairs.

I understand why the seasons change, I can see the patterns now.
Even a child knows how to use words as bullets.
And even a kid doesn't always use the right words to describe things.
And they feed their emotions without realizing it. They get lost.
But they don't' always know what's best and sometimes it takes force.
And it hurts but they're happy in time. 
I know the weather is constantly changing, the rain will come and go, come and go.
The ship just sails into the wind. It goes with the flow.

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