Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Happiness gained from taking a life

Long faces
and sad eyes
Reflected back
in the glass
Feelings of loss
and depression
Hoping to find
some satisfaction

A cold dark room
A man strapped to a table
His peers watch
Like this is all normal

The man was a killer
He took someone's life
Felt no greater
No smile on his face

The peers watch on
Their motives shallow
If the glass were a mirror
They'd see the killers

The switch is pulled
Or the needle injected
The man goes to sleep

And the peoples faces
They don't ever change
Solemn and sad
No happiness found

Was the love
For your loved one so shallow
That to take another's life
Made it all better

Why else follow
The path of the killer
Why become something
That makes you no better

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