Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Logos

In the beginning there was a boat called Earth. It sailed on the Logos, the only sea to ever exist.

The Logos was special, it was energy. It traveled through the ocean and was the ocean. Rolling on the tides and through them.

The Earth was empty at first, but the Logos kept the ship on course and after some time, life could inhabit the mighty vessel. As if it had simply POP-ed into existence, a speck of life sat on Earth. It had limited senses and no mobility, a single-celled organism. It sat patiently for a long time, before hearing a soft whisper on the wind, "You will be rewarded for your patience and trust."

And suddenly another speck of life popped into existence. It was very similar to the first creature, with only slightly more advanced senses. It too sat patiently and after some time, heard the soft whisper on the wind, "You will be rewarded for your patience and trust."

Suddenly a third speck of life popped into existence. This was more advanced and had more senses than the previous life forms but was still quite simple.

For billions of years this process continued to take place. And after billions of years, the life on Earth had become quite diverse. Each of the different creatures had found a place aboard Earth where they would not rock the boat, they had a balance with one another and  an understanding with the Logos. They let it steer their lives and their faith had been rewarded each time with a new shipmate to share their experience with.

One day, after having sat in it's place for a long time, the wind carried a message to the great Ape, "You will be rewarded for your patience and trust." And the first Human being came into existence.

The human opened his eyes and studied the creatures around him, as they studied him. He noticed that no one was steering their ship and thought he heard a voice tell him to go take the wheel. And so he stood on his feet and walked toward the ship's wheel, something no other creature had ever done.

The animals watched the man, unsure of his intentions and fearful of what he might do. Every creature had sat in it's place and let the Logos do the steering, seeing this new creature break the rules they had followed made them very anxious and they went to attack the him.

The human was superior to the animals and was able to subdue them by force, killing some and locking the rest in cages.

With the animals locked away, the human walked up to the wheel of the ship. As he gripped it, he felt a surge of energy coarse through him, like a jolt of electricity flowing through is body. After a moment he became used to the power and set a course straight into the sun.

Slowly but steadily, the waves got rougher and the weather became stormy. The human's change of course brought the Earth into some dangerous areas, one wave hit the Earth so strongly that a few animals were knocked off, falling back into the Logos to never be seen or heard of on Earth again. And through all of this, the human stood stubbornly at the wheel, trying for his life to steer the ship through the rough waters. 

Thunderous clouds and lightning flashes, pouring rain hitting his face- the human was being drained of his energy when suddenly he heard a familiar voice whisper to him, "You will be rewarded for your patience and trust."

And the human suddenly found himself a new mate. It was another human, but of the female variety. She looked identical to the man but held herself differently, as if she wasn't affected by the severe weather around them. The rain pelting her face, a smile creeping in from the sides of her lips.

She had an heir of confidence about her, as if everything was perfect exactly as it was. She was born with intuition the man did not possess. She could see the patterns, she could understand them. She looked at all the animals around her and could see her place amongst them. She knew that each animal on Earth was just another form for the Logos to inhabit, simply another vessel by which to travel. 

The rain continued to pour down on them, the woman was soaked but looked beautiful to the Man. She took his hand and led him away from the wheel. He tried to speak to her but only sounds would come out. She looked at him, looked at the animals in the cages. He followed her gaze and looked at the animals. Suddenly his awareness shifted, as if he'd never seen the animals before....a heavy weight began to grow on his chest.

The man looked up at the ship, seeing the torn sails and broken bows. He thought back to a time when everything was bright and shiny, a cool breeze in the air, animals co-existing peacefully. He looked back to the cages and worn ship. He looked down at his hands, the tools responsible for the damage he'd done.

The woman held his hands in hers, "These are responsible for much, but look where you brought us. Do you think anyone else here could have steered Earth? You were chosen."

The man looked up, seeing the Earth travel underneath a giant rainbow towards a majestic island full of trees and rolling hills.

She spoke to him again as she let the animals out of their cages, "We all have a part to play. This was your role, your part to play....  Don't fight it."

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