Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the Dream of Living

Blackness. He opened his eyes slowly, his eyelids felt heavy. Extreme white blinded him. As his eyes focused he made out a few faces, people standing over him. They looked sad with tears running down their face. He took one last breath before closing his eyes. The last thing he was aware of was the sound of a Pop.

Blackness. His eyes couldn't seem to open but he felt an extraordinary amount of pain. It passed quickly though and he noticed there was a hint of light far off in the distance. He realized that his eyes were open and that it was just dark here, the light was all that seemed to exist. It felt warm and comforting. He noticed he was floating. A thought that seemed a million miles away passed through him, "is this space?" He couldn't remember what space was but this did feel familiar. He realized he couldn't remember where he had been before he was here.

The light was growing brighter, it was a point moving towards him, but not in a straight line. It seemed to meander towards him, taking it's time. As it neared he felt anxious. He no longer felt safe and wanted to get away from the approaching light, but he was unable to move. All he could do was float there as he watched meandering it way towards him.

Soon he saw it, a terrible monster gliding towards him with it's mouth open. Sharp, jagged teeth were illuminated by the light, which was a bulb floating off the creatures head. Before he knew what was happening, the creature had him in it's mouth.

Blackness. He felt a lot of pain. Then the pain stopped and he was able to look around. He saw a light far away coming towards him. He felt no fear or anxiousness, he simply watched as the light came closer. He had no memory of anything previous to this. He was a blank canvas soaking in information.

The light was getting closer, it was illuminating everything around it. He could see tiny particles floating where the light touched.

He watched as the light, attached to creature, approached him. Without warning he disappeared inside it's mouth.

Blackness. She felt a lot of pain as she realized she'd fallen asleep on her arm. She slowly opened her eyes, massaging blood back into her limb. She sat up in her bed, looking around past all the movie posters, expecting to see something. But it was just her empty room. She could vaguely remember something. She saw images in her mind and felt something, it felt like a memory. Or maybe it was the memory of a dream she'd had long ago.

She laid her head back down on the pillow. In her mind, she began thinking about flying through outer space as she slowly drifted off into the ethos. Blackness.

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