Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Played

Thousands and thousands of years ago, there were no religions and no church's. The humans of this time thought there was nothing to the world beyond what they could see and touch. But over time they began to use their other senses to to help construct a fuller reality.

The humans began to see Patterns within their lives, patterns in the very world they lived in. They began to question if the world as they Saw it was the world as it actually existed. Some began to Believe that there was a force that connected all of them to one another. A force that they could not see or touch, but that they felt was all around them, perhaps even within them.

To these earliest humans, they could not understand what this super-power would be, and so they called it the Unknowable, the Unfathomable. They dare not label this Divine Presence for fear of tainting it's divinity with Human Interpretation. And during this time, you were either a Believer, or you weren't.

Soon, there was a growing number of believers. They were putting their differences aside and uniting over their faith in a deeper meaning to their lives. This species of Creators were special in their own way, and United, could create amazing things Together.

Meanwhile, the Devil was watching all of this with disgust. It sickened him to see the growing number of believers. Without ever being told what to pray to or that there was more to their world, these humans had Discovered this divine presence on their own and held their beliefs close to their hearts. The Devil wanted to strike at man, and knew exactly what to do.

He went from town to town, taking on a different form in each village he came to. He convinced the believers of each town that he was God, the Divine Presence flowing through all things, and then told them his will. His will usually involved his believers judging another group of people, often times trying to obliterate them from the planet.

And the Devil did this for many years, going through towns in a different appearance and calling himself by different names. Soon he was known throughout the Planet by many names, including God, Yahwey, Allah, Shiva, Shangdi, Anuak, and Baha to name just a few.

The Devil was finished with his work and sat back to watch. As humans traveled the planet, they brought with them their "Facts" about who God was and what his will was. The humans fought great battles with one another over who's God was real and who's was fake. Over who would die and go to Heaven and who would die and go to Hell. They were no longer aware of the force that joined all of them, it had been replaced by a hatred  for those who called their Faith by a Different Name.

The Devil smiled at his work, watching the humans needlessly compete with one another. He had taken a group of faithful, strong and loving people, a group connected by their belief and lead by their hearts, and in a matter of centuries, convinced them to kill and despise each other all in the name of the same Divine power.

And this was the greatest trick the Devil played on the world. He convinced everyone that believing in the Unknowable divine power was not about Love, Faith or following your Heart, but rather about Facts, being Right, and Converting as many people to Your way of thinking.

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