Friday, February 17, 2012

Zombie Life

Stuck in an endless cycle
Feel time slipping away
Look away from the problem,
just push it another day

Give my time up,
doing pointless tasks
Set to Auto Pilot,
I won't mind my life's a mess

No need to be present,
cause I just need to relax
No time to create,
when there's a show to catch

Come back to reality,
where did my time go
Feeling urged to create,
but won't let myself grow

See the messes I've made,
now's the time to clean
see all the clutter,
go back to where it should be

My life's together,
I'm ready to create
But too tired from the cleaning,
it'll have to wait

Stuck in a cycle,
where nothing has changed
I could lie to myself,
"I did a lot today"
Nothing new, nothing changes,
an endless cycle, for the ages

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