Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another Day of the Apocolypse

It was another gray sky. There was a light mist in the air as the large pine-trees on the side of the highway slowly swayed back and forth. A large milky-white fog slowly started to make it's way across the highway, but almost seemed to sit and wait as well.

John shifted gears so his bike could climb the hill. He hit a bump which caused his son, who had been sleeping in one of those bicycle-high-chairs, stirred awake.

"Where are we, daddy?"
"We're getting closer, maybe by the end of today we'll be there."
"I have to go potty."

John slowly stopped pedaling the let the bike coast to a stop. He could just barely see the fog, but he wasn't looking so much as listening.

Birds were chirping in the far distance...the wind howled lightly...but that was it.

John quietly dismounted the bike and helped his son, David, get to the ground. This must've been a routine they practiced many times because David was very quiet and patient as John continually kept looking around them.

David walked three steps away from John before pulling his pants down and peeing on the road.

A larger gust of wind came and started to blow some of the fog away. John looked a few feet further away from them and could now see a backpack on the ground, opened with some items spilling out.

John eyed the bag for a moment, licking his lower lip as he did another scan around them. As David finished peeing, John slowly walked over to the fallen bag and picked it up. As he did a few oranges fell out, a little old but still good. They made a soft thud when they hit the pavement, but it was loud enough to make John and David freeze in their spot while they waited...and waited...but nothing came. David walked back to the bike as John took one last look around.

He then hurriedly locked David into the child-seat and set off. He didn't bother looking over his shoulder. As he had moved from the backpack, he could make out the owner's arm, and didn't care to see the rest of the body.

They continued to ride on, hoping to make it to their cabin before nightfall....

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