Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In the End

"He's taken everything from me!" My grandpa screamed in the middle of the night.

My ever-growing fear, that we would be robbed, was true on this night. Many nights I wondered when someone would come. Ever since I moved in with my grandpa in an attempt to help move him out, I've just been waiting. So when grandpa woke me up shouting, I knew we'd been robbed.
As I started to awaken, I wondered what would be gone. What did my grandpa have that was worth anything?

I knew he had photographs in some nice frames- he didn't care about the frames but the photographs meant the world to him.

"He took her. The bastard took her from me."

I sat him up in bed, trying to be a rock for him, "What's going on grandpa?"

"The sonofabitch has taken everything from me. He took my parents, my dogs, my Edna..." He trailed off in a fit of tears. I had never seen him like this before.

"He's taken everything from me. All of my loves. Every god-damn one of them. Taken by him. I've got nothing left."

I stared at him, realizing nothing was wrong in the apartment.

"When will he take me?!"

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