Sunday, October 6, 2013


The light flickers to life
The spark of something new
Nothing beats the first time
or the ones that leave you

The Rings appeared as Halos
And we acted like angels
While we danced like hedonists
           And the flames rised around us

I could feel it on my fingertips
like it wanted to stick 
Like I see it in my head
as I take another sip

You said so much
And only talked in facts
   a wordsmith born
                 while the days floated past

 just for today
 please don't come undone
  just til the sun sets...
but tomorrow never comes
I remember being mad
after you'd be fake with others
and now I'm just sad
          because you were fake here first

      And so it goes slowly
        Close off to stay comfy
          Get lost in the Office stories
                as ten seasons inhibit me
I wanted you more
than what was real
and when I stopped fighting you
that's when you disappeared

         Left only to myself
staying under the sheets
         watching the shadows change
                  As night comes from the east
Resist the urge
to pick you up
to see how you feel
let you fill me up 

A creature of earth
so simple and small
you've touched my life
I saw heaven and hell

I saw myself
I saw so much
   I saw my life
 I watched it's death

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