Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I can see it now
We're not connected
Like fractals exploding
Into a spiral staircase

You think I'm responsible
For feeling your pain
I think you're the person
Responsible for this grin

But that's just not real
They don't work that way
Everything I feel
It's just coming from me

Nothing to do
With giving or taking
Just what I want
How far I'm willing...

I can see it now
How we're connected
Like fractals exploding
Into a double helix

I wanna make love
To another lover
She'll give herself over
In the way that I want to

I'm looking for an experience
One unlike any other
I'll know when I've found it
I'll have found an equal

Had sex and gone fucking
Just shades of the rainbow
How would it feel
To be made love to

I can see it now
That connectedness
Fractals changing
But never stopping

And I look into your eyes
And I see your intention
You're another lover
Someone connected

Fingers through your hair
Our lips caressing
Sliding down the fractal
As it keeps changing

Intertwined Lovers
Too ripe for the picking
But it's not gonna stop me
I want to keep searching

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