Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Static Love

I'll swallow my soul
just to keep you close
and I'll play in all your games
if you'll only take my name

This can't be happening
not because of me
You broke me into pieces
and now you're gonna leave

Please stay with me
Just stay me

What could I have changed
Nothing will be the same
And nothing seems to matter
So why bother with the chatter

And I can't seem to leave
this dark place in me
Sorry you've got to die
just for me to survive

Please stay with me
Just stay me

I see you walk towards me
Looking sweet as a peach
Going into the class
Our paths look to pass

yoga matts in a pile
I see you across the tile
dancing all the while
your flashing me a smile

Please stay with me
stay me

And I'm not ready
but I took you with me
Would you stay a little longer
If I made you an omelet

Cause I want you to be
Just to be with me
If love is a state of mind
I just want to make up mine

Please stay with me
Just stay me
Stay me

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