Tuesday, July 10, 2012


You don't want to talk
about past or present
Unable to stay calm
when you're still in it

I'm drowning in the water
of your dreams to unfold
I need a life preserver
just to keep me afloat

and your words are cold
and far from feeling
and your eyes are distant
this is who I was dating?

How could you speak to me
with such disdain
Like I'm so beneath you
for feeling what's inside

but I can't talk to you
because you never think
and the moment I ask a question
You start to feel guilt

and I don't know
if it's mine or yours
where it's coming from
we'll never know

but you'd bitch me out
for feeling sad
call me ugly
when my tears ran

You watch me sink
and say it's my fault
You watch me cry
and say we're already broken up

And you wanna stay friends
and I can't believe you
Cause no one talks to me that way
No one fights like you do

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