Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Underground Caves

Space and time
They go and hide
Something in your eyes
I cannot deny

I want to talk
but would rather walk
words get in the way
follow me to a new day

we banter and laugh
but we're not talking
we forget the words
they mean nothing
Looking and watching
Our bodies happening
your lips begin to curl
You see my eyes wrinkle

The start of an adventure
Our bodies the center
Minds yearning for more
ready to explore
don't care about your day
what you have to say
give yourself over
see me as a lover

a body of peaks and valleys
A cave with no drawings
my finger's expression
your skins sensations

I want to go deep
My tongue taking lead
And shine my light
on the places in dark
left in the dark forever
cause no one else bothered

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