Saturday, September 22, 2012

Calling it Quits

You're calling it quits
As the sun sets
We'll go our separate ways

You've got your lists
And your reasons
So think away your pain

I held your bullshit
Even when you were mean
You showed your talons
Your venomous teeth

And now it's over, you think you've got away
No one to yell at, to fan at the flames
I'm going my way, but it feels like a shame

Where's the point
When you stopped
Trying and started dying
You made me
Your villain
Not fair
For not tellin'
Me the truth
Of where you were at
No points, 
You scaredy-cat
I loved you, 
All of you
That's the truth and now I'm due
For my next
Big catch
You watch
Get jealous
And now it's all 
Coming back
Time for me
To get on track

Rising sun
On horizon
Bring light on in

Turning on
My dark side
Let the shadows grow

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