Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Burden Anthem

This world was barren, but full of life
Empty of buildings, and oh so ripe
And the animals saw us, even at night,
But they were helpless, we'd win the fight

On civilizations, we woke up
Traveling cross towns, knew what was right
The congregations arose, just out of spite
And some understood, they got to see light

And we have leaders
But we can lead ourselves
Who do we become
When the leaders lead us?

Idea of money and job, 
And all the steps involved
The time and energy, 
The system needs to evolve
Why such an enemy, 
And so removed from love

This place is full of stories
And the metaphors can travel everywhere
This place is heaven and hell
It can change at every corner

We created this world
Created these burdens
The river may have been straight
But we've made it perverted

And some will say, "We're powerless"
And really then the imagination's lost.
We got ourselves in, can get ourselves out
Come together to see what the big pictures about

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