Wednesday, September 19, 2012


You speak so violently
Jaw tight, you'd sit and stew
I'd just watch you quietly
never really seeing you
And in the end, 
no one wins 
and you just look at me

You never asked for what you wanted
I'd never look into my own heart
And in the end, 
we grew apart, 
what's left now

Moving away and changing jobs
Leaving behind new found friends
Resumes, walking, 
interviews and train-hopping
I knew it'd be hard, but never take this long
parties, faces, 
names and places
Turn on's starting while my world keeps turning
Writing like my hands on fire
flying on the wings I've borrowed
dancing with the fire snake
grooving for my shadow's sake

I feel a little like a child
looking back on what we created
I still think I hate you
for what you hid
In the end, 
were you ever my friend, 
you stranger

Now and then, I still think of you
and our little dog too
Still feels like 
a hole in my heart, 
and I just wonder why

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