Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Living in the Machine

This machine was
Built for us
For our future 
For people to prosper
Along came, 
Small men
Who Lacked love
But not envy

They put price tags on everything
Created a new step in sharing
We use the system
And see the symptoms
Makes us compete
To make ends meat
And we blame each other
For simply being animal

The charges lead
By unhappy people
Living unfulfilled Lives
Thinking their past was better
Wanting to Shrink all
To their lowly level

Never look to the top
To the operators above
The ones who create price tags
And promise to keep 'em down

And the operators fight
With a new group to blame
Loads of money raised
For their new campaign

So we all point and attack
And It's always the same
Inside this machine 
We're all still enslaved

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